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SoundCloud – A premier music site with a host of artists on board.  Primarily a music storage and self directed artist promotional site it has become a best source for vintage and new artists.  Members can be listeners only or artists uploading new and featured material for listeners at large and other artists.  Go here to explore my back catalog and other musical gems.

Reverbnation – Another premier musician and label hosting site.  Managed by artists, labels, and music reps, this site is a great source of all things pertinent to your favorite band.

CD Baby – One can purchase CD and quality downloads from this site.  This is the company who manages my online sales and was very successful in getting me cross web exposure and royalties.

Amazon – CD and downloads available through this online purchasing network.  Downloads are of the highest quality.

Rhapsody – A digital music service that allows you to listen all you want from wherever you are. It’s the ultimate music cloud experience.

LinkedIn – This is my professional network page featuring information about my music and psychotherapy endeavors.

MySpace – This is the link to the MySpace Music Site.  This was once the warhorse of music networking, but since its reformatting does not have the same luster.  It is a good site for long play samples.

Facebook – As ever no one is complete without a Facebook page.  This page links to my personal and psychotherapy Facebook pages.

iTunes – Downloads available from iTunes.  You know the drill.

Wikipedia – This article is a stub, meaning that it is still looking for contributing editors for further refinement. – This site is a hub for other sites with bio & album information.  Purchase is possible via redirection to other host sites.