Life is about change–we enter life through the portal of change and throughout our days we change and change again. The HIGH PRIESTESS is offered as a soundtrack for these passages.

The HIGH PRIESTESS is a collection of 12 compositions for Breath, Birth, and Rebirth. This project assembled as a soundtrack for negotiating conscious birth was originally composed for theatre, dance, and live performance. These provocative works drawing from contemporary, tribal, Asian, and Arabic influences with percussion, synthesizer, and flute throughout have been found specifically helpful for labor and delivery. Enjoyed during the pregnancy the expectant parents and the child in utero are invited to breathe, move, and dance toward being. It is hoped that you find these melodies as helpful for the celebration of your own new life as we have for ours.

The HIGH PRIESTESS is a retrospective of works that has been remastered for this project. The album has been carefully scored to mirror the experience of birth and rebirth. The compositions are welcoming enough to invite the newborn, powerful enough to hold the intensity of delivery, and evocative enough to be useful for breathwork.

1) Oracle – This is the first of twelve tracks from HIGH PRIESTESS remastered and released June 2006; all works composed, arranged, and performed by Robert ÆOLUS Myers – running time 1:55

2) Jungle Love – An excerpt from PRIDE, a commission for the Valerie Bergman Dance Company – 4:53

3) Allah – melody derived from Rabia Song by Zuleikha; one of the many names of God; a Sufi hymn – 3:14

4) The Mystery Of Music Park – My son Michael at the age of two stood up in his high chair and proclaimed this title. This version was created as Sandra, my love, listened from an upstairs bedroom. My fondness and hope for our then new relationship is held in this piece – 5:42

5) Silky – A silk aloha print shirt – 4:24

6) No Where To Run – melodic bass juxtaposing incidental harmonic colorings all dancing over a chordal pattern repetitively reminiscent of Philip Glass – 4:06

7) Deep – Composed for a documentary about the great humpback whales which spend their summers in the Hawaiian island chain – 3:26

8) All Souls – Composed on Halloween utilizing a pulse designed to create and release tension. The image is that of souls incarnating and returning home, incarnating and returning, again and again – 3:42

9) JA – Another name for God; done in strict reggae style–every beat one is empty, wherein lives only God – 3:42

10) Hong Kong – An impression of the busy streets of Hong Kong – 2:37

11) Devadasi – Indian dancing woman utilizing hallmarks of Hindustan musical forms and instrumentation – 4:23

12) High Priestess – What could the Archangel Gabriel have said to the high priestess, Mary, which would have her go along with the birth of a male god by a publicized dispassionate means? Hail the return of the power and passion of the feminine and the great balancing – 9:47